Thursday, 19 February 2015

'Witch Child' - KS3 (12-13yrs) English course.

This month our 12-13 year old students have been working on a unit of work based on the book 'Witch Child' by Celia Rees. It tells the story of the world of Mary Newbury, whose grandmother is accused and murdered for being a witch. Her story is told in the style of a diary.

One of the tasks was to create a poster, warning people in 17th century England of witches. The students came up with some wonderful ideas and here are a few of their designs.

 Angus's poster.

Elena's poster.

Jake's poster.

For another lesson they had to write a diary entry, as if they were someone or knew someone who had been accused of witchcraft.

 Angus's diary entry.

Jake's diary entry.

Elena's diary entry.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Valentine's Day

Each year we have a Valentine's Day competition for our students and for any expat children living abroad.

This year we asked the students to design a Valentine's day card or create a special meal for a loved one.

Have a look at these great designs!

                                    This is the winning entry designed by Elena

Cards designed by Erin and Shay

Valentine's day card designed by Lucie

                                                      Pop -up card designed by Nell

                                                         Card designed by Grace

This was Thomas's special Valentine's Day created for his mum & dad.

All winners are given a book token to encourage their reading and maintaining their English skills.