Friday, 12 December 2014

KS2 - Writing our own storyboards.

KS2 ( 7- 8 yr olds)

As part of their 'Fairytales' unit, our students look at how to write a storyboard. They learn how to use a storyboard to plan a story; using 'a start', 'a middle', and 'an end'.

 Not only are they writing about fairytales, but they are writing in English. Although English is their mother tongue, all of our students are at school in France, Holland, or further a field.

Below is some of the lovely work we have had back for this unit:

                    Adnan's storyboard for 'The Snowman'.

                             Iman's storyboard for 'The Little Match Girl'.

Lynden's storyboard for 'The Little Match Girl'.

                                      Christy's storyboard for 'Room on the Broom'.