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6 Fab Children's Books For World Cup Fever.

6 Fab Children’s Books for World Cup fever!

The World Cup 2014 has started. A great opportunity for your child to pick up a book and read about the World Cup.
There are lots of lovely books available on the World Cup, for all different ages, fiction and non-fiction.

So we have come up with Blackhen Education’s favourite 6 reads for World Cup Fever. Three books for fiction and three books for non – fiction.


  ‘Keeper’ by Mal Peet. A novel for young adults.

A journalist (Faustino) interviews the world’s best goalkeeper, El Gato (The Cat). He tells Faustino that he is coached by a ghost, known as ‘the keeper’.

  ‘Misfits in fouls,friends & football’ by Charlie Merrick.

‘I play for North Star Galaxy and this is the story of our first season. I don’t know how it’s going to end, but I hope it will be at the World Cup finals’. Charlie has to prove his team deserve a place in the tournament – even though they are kind of rubbish!'

’The World of Norm- May need rebooting’ by Jonathan Mere.

If you loved Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you’ll love this!

If only he hadn't fallen asleep in History! And if only he'd done his punishment exercise! And if only he could go biking instead of playing stupid football! Except Norm can't go biking. Why not? BECAUSE HIS BIKE'S BEEN STOLEN, THAT'S WHY! Nightmare? It's worse than that... IT'S AN ABSO-FLIPPING-LUTE DISASTER!’ (

Non - Fiction:

  ‘The Story of the World Cup’ by Richard Brassey.

A great read for all ages. Full of football facts and history of the tournament.

  ‘My Country: Brazil’ by Annabel Savery.

A child introduces you to Brazil and talks about the weather, climate, landscape, home, pastimes, school and more!

 ‘Wicked World Cup’ by Michael Coleman.

‘Up - to – minute guide, packed with enough fantastic footie facts to fill a  stadium’. (

  So pick up a book & enjoy a good read!

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